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Oh isn't, is it? YES IT IS! Another COMPLETELY POINTLESS mod post!!1

You thought you were safe now, didn't you? "Oh, Rose is away for the weekend, now I won't have to put up with this random nonsense serving absolutely no other purpose than clogging up my friends list!" Well, that's where you are wrong - and it's where I come in! See, whenever Rose is away (or just whenever I want to BECAUSE I HAVE TEH MOD POWER SKEELZ 2!!) and unable to spam you, I CAN!! How neat.

Now. This is sort of against the rules for posting Completely Pointless Mod Posts™ , but it's okay because Rose isn't here and I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT MWAHA! Uhm, right. Serious talk. Okay, not really, but non-spazzy talk, at least. 'Tis about members. In the beginning we were getting lots of members really quickly, and to face it, they were mostly if not only from the friends lists of Rose and me, and some friend-of-a-friends. And we were pretty optimistic about reaching our goal of fifty, now increased to a hundred members before starting up. However, it's been going slower the last few days. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt we will reach our goal, my point is, it will probably take a little time. And this is where YOU GUYS come in! Don't you ever let the thought cross your mind that this community is for you to look at the pretty posts and that's it. Even the Completely Pointless Mod Posts™ are interactive. So, what I want is simply suggestions on how to make people aware of our fantabulous community, and most importantly, make them join it! There is of course the obvious friends list terrorizing spamming, and I'm sort of working on a banner (one of more to come, I'm sure - I'm just bored ;)) for people to put on their userinfos and advertise with (NOTE: Don't spam other communities if they don't allow advertising, we don't want people to spam us with irrelevant stuff either.), but you are all creative folks and I'm sure you can come up with nifty ways of dragging people over here. No? Yes. Good.

Now, this entry wasn't really worthy of being posted in a spazzing community like this, was it? Therefore, I give to you...


Image hosted by

Don't tell me you can NOT love the tightness of those pants, the pinkness of that shirt, the coolness of those boots and the sheckshiness of that tie and TEH HAWTNESS of that face?#"!!"!OGMG"!¤!#F"#!

I was thinking of spamming Joe Strummer, but after Rose and I came to the conclusion that I am in fact Joe's reincarnation, I sort of find that a bit disturbing, to be honest... More on him later.

And no, you're not judged for this either, it's just for fun. The judging won't start until the OMGlympics commence when we've got enough members.

I must stop posting this late at night. :S

ETA: There's a promoting banner in the community info - now spam like you mean it!
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