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Breaking My Own Record For Complete and Utter Pointlessness...

Afternoon all.

Just a quick note to say that Ida (your other, lazier moderator) is an octopus with a small penis.

And that's all. I thought you should all be aware of this.

Actually that's not all - mainly going out to those of you on my friends list, I want to see more of you spamming this place! Because really, what does it take to just pop a link to us an entry, or in your userinfo? The sooner we get this idea off the ground, the sooner we can replace pointless mod posts with daily hotness, k?
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I already have a link in my userinfo, but I'll put a link to it in my next entry too. ♥

Deleted comment

Sleep has never been the same.

I can imagine.

Deleted comment

Oh, I have no doubt that she does. And thank you!
I've been hassling people individually!
Evidently what I say carries very little weight with these bitches.
I'll work on them some more tonight.
Your friends suck. Sorry, but they evidently do. Anyway - I commend your efforts, and thankyou. Keep at it, they'll give in eventually.
Yuss! Just got one!

Could you stop being a whore for one goddamn second and join this? http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=omglympics

And she did!!
*high-fives* So the direct approach really works? I'm going to try that. But seriously, we've got "paul simonon's appendix", "paul simonon's epidermis" and "paul-simonon's-shirts-or-lack-thereof" listed as interests, how can you not want to join?
*waves her eight (hah!) arms spastically around to compensate for the lack of a big penis*


*retires to being lazy*
I pimped it twice. So far I've only got one member that isn't on either of the mods' friends lists to join, but it's a start.

Poor girl. I hope she doesn't have a small self-esteem as well. Having a small penis can be rough.
I got only one person who isn't on either of the mods' friends list to join... :3 Must pimp community more! XD