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The LJ OMGlympics 2005

Fangirl like you mean it!

The LJ OMGlympics
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The LJ OMGlympics 2005 - where ogling is the only training you'll ever need!

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What's this, then?
The LiveJournal OMGlympics is an idea devised by Rose (onewordsentence) and Ida (asosiale_ida), so you know it's going to be good. The OMGlympics is going to become a tournament (possibly annual - we'll have to see how this goes) where the obsessive, the fangirly and the perverted among can gather and put their skills to the test. What skills, you ask? There is the skill of identifying that a person is attractive. Then there is the skill of expressing this attraction.

We've all been there - you see a hot photo and react to it. Maybe you'll blush and giggle a lot. May be you'll need to change your knickers. In some rare cases you might say something witty and insightful, but we appreciate that this doesn't happen all too often. More often than not we'll just subside into a string of incoherent and nonsensical statements like "guh", "fuuuck", "sbqiovge" and, most importantly, "OMG!"

The OMGlympics is simply a contest to see who can do it best. Contests will begin once we have fifty members.

The point being?
I think it's best explained by the following conversation;

Ida: Mmmm, now I'm getting hungry. Is that really good or bad?
Rose: I think it's good but it could be bad. Or it could just be Gappy Syndrome which is a thing of its own.
Ida: Fingers crossed for good then. Though I wouldn't mind finding out what that Gappy syndrome is all about... Surely it can't be that bad.
Rose: It's what happens when you think too many dirty thoughts about Gappy. I think Mick suffered from it permanently. I get spells every now and then.
Ida: Ohh, sounds good to me. Infact, I'm surprised I haven't noticed any symptoms yet. Poor Mick. I think. Maybe not?
Rose: The symptons include; being so unable to take Gappy off your mind you encorporate him into every sentance you speak (even if it's about ducks or toast), you're reduced to "guh", "OMG" and "fbqwofsve" while looking at pictures of him, and you might start writing slash stories featuring him but that's only the ones with nothing better to do.
Ida: Ah. Well, two out of three, then. Which is fine. And not having the third one probably is for the best, for my own part...
Rose: The third is reserved for sadsacks and sexual deviants. Not like me. Honest.
Ida: Of course. *believes you* *shifty eyes*
Rose: I'm totally honest, all the time. I'm also a bad liar.
Ida: Well you can't be good at everything all the time, can you?
Rose: There is that. And I am pretty fantastic at everything else, apart from tennis.
Ida: Then we're in the same boat. With not being fantastic at tennis, I mean.
Rose: Who needs tennis? Saying "OMG" over and over will get you a career, not hitting a ball!
Ida: My thoughts exactly. Besides, saying OMG is much more fun. And not exhausting at all.
Rose: And you won't make a fool out of yourself! Well, you will. But there'll be others doing the same!
Ida: Tennis players look pretty stupid as well, though. But yeah, we can all OMG together and it'll be great fun. Maybe we could get OMG-ing included in the Olympics?
Rose: The OMGlympics!!! I'm so starting that up!!!

And we did. Yeah, that's an idea of what you're in for...

How does it work?
Every day (or whenever they feel it, really), Ida or Rose will post a picspam of a chosen person. Male and female, we don't discriminate. At first these posts will feature the guys and girls they obsess over - however, new suggestions are always welcome and if there's a hottie you'd like to see spammed send an email or leave a comment or providing the person isn't completely icky they'll get right to it!

Now it's your duty to comment on the picspams. As dedicated athletes you'll be expected to do this at least once a day. Your two moderators both have marvellous taste so don't worry, you'll have plenty of opportunities to spaz and squee. You'll be judged on various aspects of your comments - the length, insanity, incoherency, level of commitment and general rabid-fangirl-spazziness of your comment will be taken into account and you'll be awarded points. Once the contest is up, each member's points will be totalled and a winner will emerge!

You get prizes! It'll work out like this;

Winner: There'll be one winner. You will recieve, in the post, a useless trinket from Rose, and one from Ida. What said useless trinkets actually are will depend on your and our interests. You'll also recieve prizes of graphics - five icons, a Friends-Only banner, a header and a colourbar of your request, and a snazzy award to keep on your userinfo!
Runners-up: Three runners-up will will recieve graphic prizes - three icons and a colourbar, header or F-O banner of your choosing. You too will get an award to wear on your bio with pride!
Special mentions: Occasionally we'll get a particular spazzy comment that just stands out. One of these will win you an icon and award for your info, yay!

But of course! Don't worry, they're nice.
1. Unless you have a bloody good excuse, comment at least once a day. This is dedicated, remember?
2. No bashing, flaming or harassment, of the mods, other members, or anyone. Consider your arse banned if you do.
3. Only the mods post. Their taste in crushes is superior to yours.
4. Should you disagree with #3, don't kick off. Maybe you don't find a certain person attractive, no-one says you have to. But please don't start with "OMG HE IS TEH UGLY!!11!" or anything because that's not why we're here.
5. After the contest officially begins, you'll have a week to join before membership will be closed. However you'll still be able to friend the community and watch the hotness.
6. When commenting on a post, you don't have to do it the once - communal spazzing is good for the soul!
7. I know, they all say it - but have fun! That's really why we're here after all.
8. It's not mandatory, but we advise you to switch the Caps Lock on while commenting. Or, even better, switch it on and off at irregular intervals.

So at the end of the day - if you think you have what it takes, sign up! Obsess, ogle, spaz, squee, make friends, and have fun!

Questions? Suggestions? Blackmail? Send it all to OMGlympics@Gmail.com with the subject "OMGlympics".

And if you fancy promoting us (which you should if you want to get this thing going) you can use this nifty banner, because with semi-naked Paul Simonon people cannot possibly NOT want to join. Simply copy and paste the code below and spam away!

Join The LJ OMGlympics now or your favourite celebrity will hate you!

In case anyone was wondering, the community layout was made by Rose because she rocks and features our official mascot, the lovely Paul "Gappy" Simonon of The Clash.
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